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Im 18 yrs old and currently I am a senior in high school. When I graduate from high school I plan on possibly being a art major, and pursuing a career in graphic designing. Art to me is a way that I can freely express myself besides writing my problems down using a pen and pad. The aspects that are involved in art allow me to convey a different part of my personality that other's might have never seen before, whether I'm sketching, sculpting, painting or building art allows me to see myself differently then just being average it allows me to be different. My artwork derives from the emotions or thoughts that I have on a daily basis, and having the chance to share it with other's makes me proud. If you would like to learn more about me you can contact me through my blog. -LYRICIST

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Guest Speaker

Work so far has been great. I've had the chance to actually see in detail the art work of another Artist. We recently just had a guest speaker and it was Ms. Linda. Ms. Linda basically took the time out to explain the reasoning behind the influence that helped mold each piece of art work that she has so far produced. The art work that Ms. Linda displayed during her presentation was aspiring, and it also influenced me to create a project of my own that deals with puppets and puppet masters, I know it seems odd but I'm confident that it'll help convey my growing skills as an young artist.
However I would love for you all to have the chance to view the art work of Ms. Linda so when find out the link to her blog I'll be sure to post it. I know everyone will enjoy it. :)

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