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Im 18 yrs old and currently I am a senior in high school. When I graduate from high school I plan on possibly being a art major, and pursuing a career in graphic designing. Art to me is a way that I can freely express myself besides writing my problems down using a pen and pad. The aspects that are involved in art allow me to convey a different part of my personality that other's might have never seen before, whether I'm sketching, sculpting, painting or building art allows me to see myself differently then just being average it allows me to be different. My artwork derives from the emotions or thoughts that I have on a daily basis, and having the chance to share it with other's makes me proud. If you would like to learn more about me you can contact me through my blog. -LYRICIST

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I know I haven't been blogging like I should have, but I'm sure that this post that I'm writing will be able to explain in detail the assignments that I've had so far at work and some of the new experiences that I've also had.
I hope you don't mind if I list them out. :)

1.) Learning how to use Photoshop to color my drawings.
2.) Designing my personal business card
3.)Nutrition Drawing
4.) Timed drawing of the positioning of a live model.

These are the four things that I've had the chance to complete and experience at work. With learning how to use Photoshop it has allowed me to enhance my drawing skills, and learn how to add detail to my art work that I've really wanted.  However having the chance to design my own business card has made me excited also. I actually have the chance to experience working in the art world by having a business card, can't wait to see how much art work I start to produce during this year. When it comes to my nutrition drawing, it was assignment that was for the Access Health center, and its purpose is to stress the importance of having an healthy lifestyle to younger kids. Last but not least the timed drawing of the positioning of a live model was intense, this experience trained my eyes, and taught me how to start sketching from the inside then the outside.

But work so far has been amazing can't wait to keep blogging and letting you know what else I'm up to. :)

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